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July 2017 
July 2017 
July 2017 

July Events

We tour Berlin to record undocumented stories, stories that otherwise would be lost.

We organise story installations, storytelling workshops, acoustic cinema nights and a series of events, where a selection of stories are translated into food, music and art objects.

We also run the Berlin Story Hub and two monthly live radio shows dedicated to stories.

Here is where you shall find us!

July 2019


ORAL STORYTELLING free workshop 


"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the 

thing we need most in the world.” - Philip Pullman

We are happy to host a weekly series  of free workshops on oral storytelling : join the  «Stories & Coffee» group at Du Beast every Wednesday evening.

Our wish is to form a regular group who shares oral stories and to explore basic elements of story-dramaturgy: beginning-middle-end, anticipation, change, tension, conflict, transformation, sympathy, contradictions, character inner motivations, line of emotions and relations, rhythm and timing. 

We are our stories, the stories we are told and the stories we tell ourselves. It is important that we are able to structure stories out of our own experiences and communicate them in an authentic and powerful way. Oral storytelling is about the experience of sharing and connection between the teller and the listener, and this experience is enriched by the capacity to communicate constructive and compelling narratives.


The workshops are open to everyone in a drop-in basis. We hope to help participants acknowledge the importance of their stories, train their storytelling skills, explore personal and fictitious realities, and form stories out of their memories and imagination.

STORY FOR FOOD (SFF) is a social art project that audio collects undocumented stories, stories that otherwise would be lost. In the end of the workshop, everyone is welcome to record a story at the SFF Audio Archive.


The workshop is held by the playwright Christina Kyriazidi 

Wednesdays @19-22h

3,10,17,24,31 July 

Du Beast 

Innstr. 4

12045 Berlin

You may also contact us for a private recording or email to us your story as an audio file in wav, mp3 or aac format at : storyforfood@gmail.com 

For more details : https://storyforfood.com/yourstories  

>> If you want to listen to more stories, remember that every Monday we put one new story in our online archive >> look for the #storyoftheweek at :  www.storyforfood.com/storyoftheweek


The Radio Show

In a western society which is dominated by a never ending stream of visual input, and in which ´storytelling´ is being used as a trend word in the world of marketing, we wish to investigate and foster the essence of stories – using the mass medium that has been the oral storytelling format par excellence: radio.  

In collaboration with Colaboradio, as part of the FR-BB, Freies Radio Berlin Brandenburg  (https://fr-bb.org)  community radio project, we launched “STORY FOR FOOD The Radio Show” in September 2018.

This is a monthly live radio show dedicated to stories. Every month, we broadcast stories from our audio archive and invite guests to share live on the air a story on the theme of the month.

This month our show is dedicated to stories of «Books», featuring also an interview of the founder of the Berlin initiative Books Without Covers.

Our wish is to foster oral storytelling and help value stories in society, by promoting the practise of sharing them and the culture of listening to them

23 July 2019 @20h - 21h

88.4 MHz in Berlin | 90.7 MHz in Potsdam

online listening: https://fr-bb.org/

This month we also have an extra radio show dedicated to  «Space and dreams» on the itinerant web radio Archipel Stations Community Radio, featuring the story of the rocket scientist Eivind Liland and his involvement with the Copenhagen Suborbitals initiative, the only crowd-funded manned space programme, along with the story of the Icelandic musician Smári Guðmundsson and his involvement with the project Ocean sings

30 July 2019 

online listening: https://archipel.community


PODCAST  «Stories in Berlin» 

You can follow our podcast series «Stories in Berlin» in a weekly basis @ S t e a d y : https://steadyhq.com/en/storiesinberlin

«Stories in Berlin» is a 20m weekly english-language podcast that features interviews and stories from guests based in Berlin. 

Created by Christina Kyriazidi, the founder of STORY FOR FOOD initiative, this podcast tours Berlin to audio collect stories that otherwise would be lost. 

It includes true stories, in the form of monologue or staged as radio drama, featuring Berlin based writers, activists, artists and bands, poetry and songs. 

This podcast is about everyday stories that never make it to the news, inspiring narratives, moments of daily wisdom, tales of small incidents or big decisions that take place around us everyday in Berlin.

Get to know the charming city of Berlin through its stories and sounds.

——— You can listen to all the trailers and to some exclusive episodes

on our YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxL_TvAFxqKcY-hmftNdPxg 

More information :  https://www.storiesin.berlin

For more content, you can subscribe to the podcast on the platform Steady : www.steadyHQ.com/storiesinberlin

When you subscribe, you get your personal audio RSS feed and you only have to copy this URL once into your podcast player

Then you will automatically receive new exclusive episodes every Monday 

You can support the podcast with just 3€, 5€ or 10€ per month and you always have the possibility to unsubscribe anytime

Please note that by supporting this podcast, you also support STORY FOR FOOD - this means you help us collect, share and archive stories that otherwise would get lost

P O D C A S T  


Once a month, we host an event featuring some of the artist of the month podcast episodes. 

In July 2019, we host a tournament of the board game «Memoarrr!!!» followed by Q&A with the game designer Carlo Bortolini.

Memo...ARRR! You flipped over the wrong card again!

To play the match-and-memory game Memoarrr!, players need the power of recollection and the luck of pirates. Only then can they make their escape from the island of Captain Goldfish, their pockets lined with rubies, before the lava swallows them up.

    ——- 2018 Spiel des Jahres Recommended

    ——- 2018 Deutscher Spiele Preis Best Children's Game Winner

18 July 2019 @19h 

Iandi Gastrobar 

Lenaustr 21

12047 Berlin 

*** for everyone subscribing to the PODCAST that night, there will be free tote bags with our logo


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