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In September 2018, after 2 years of touring coffee shops, libraries, cinemas, markets and festivals in Berlin, in order to find and record undocumented stories, we decided to settle down in one space.


BERLIN STORY HUB was our first pop up Story House and every month moved to a different neighbourhood in Berlin.


BERLIN STORY HUB is our first pop up Story House and every month moves to a different neighbourhood in Berlin.


  • September 2018 : hosted in the space of the Lighthaus film community in Berlin Friedrichshain

  • October 2018 : hosted in the space of the jazz club donau115 in Berlin Neukölln

  • November 2018 : hosted in the space of the English bookshop Another Country in Berlin Kreuzberg

For these months, the BSH was the home of the SFF Audio Archive and the space where most of the STORY FOR FOOD project’s activities were hosted : from story recordings and a listening installation to story workshops and story cinema nights. Finally, it was the place where the Story Radio show was prepared and partly recorded. 


We look forward to repeating the BSH experience in the future and in different spaces.

“If you believe only in facts and forget stories, your brain will live, but your heart will die”  ― Cassandra Clare 

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