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     on the STORY FOR FOOD Audio Archive

     more details: https://www.storyforfood.com/yourstories

     We look for stories of #isolation and #connection  

     reflecting on #OurCoronaDays and the #newnormal

  • Tune in to our live radio show on June 23rd @20htheme of the month "The new normal" 

      online listening: https://fr-bb.org/

  •  A special live radio reading during the 48 Stunden Neukölln (20 June) - the children's book "A little elephant on the moon"

      online listening: https://fr-bb.org/

  •  Walk me with a story - our first post lockdown offline event!

      A night summer walk around the Landwehrkanal with story listening in           distance - on the 26th June. --- book your free ticket here

June 2020



@ the SFF Audio Archive

"After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the 

thing we need most in the world"  - Philip Pullman

🌸 Due to the #coronavirus COVID-19, we decided to suspend all live story recordings of the STORY FOR FOOD project for the time being.

🎧 Instead we wish to encourage our community to stay home and listen to stories from our online story audio archive.  In our archive, you will also find stories, messages, poems and songs of "Our Corona Days"

--- www.storyforfood.com/storyoftheweek

🌸 If you wish to #ShareYourStory on the SFF Audio Archive, or if you wish to record a poem, song, message connected with #OurCoronaDays, or with our #newreality of our #lockdown and #postlockdown days, you may do that #online using your phone.

Email to us your story as an audio file in wav, mp3 or aac format at storyforfood@gmail.com 

--------------- We will share them on the STORY FOR FOOD online audio archive and include them in our radio shows. In September 2020, we will organise a #StoryFestival with all the stories, poems, songs and messages related to #OurCoronaDays and the #newreality of #lockdown and #postlockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

🎙For more details : https://storyforfood.com/yourstories  


Walk me with a story - our first post lockdown offline event!   

We are happy to announce our first post lockdown offline event in collaboration with the silent.move project. 

A summer night walk around the Landwehrkanal with story listening in distance. 

We are going to listen to a selection of stories (in English and in German) from the STORY FOR FOOD Audio Archive with wireless headphones, while talking a walk around the kanal area of North Neukölln.

The walk will take 80min.

The tickets are limited to 30 participants!

>> Please book your free ticket online till the 25th June via Eventbrite here

The tickets are free of charge but you still need to book a ticket in order to participate.

You will get the headphones from us and a deposit of 10euro will be charged on site. You will get back the deposit after returning the headphones.

The headphones will be disinfected and the safe distance will be kept during the event.  

Pay-as-you-feel : we encourage a donation of 3-5euro in the end of the event. 

However we consider the special needs of our guests in these challenging times and if someone cannot afford to donate, they are still very welcome to participate. 

The most important for us is to share the experience of story listening in an open space, establishing a way back to live events, while complying always with the rules of our #newreality. 




Friday 26 June 2020 @20h

meeting point : 19:30h @ Café Zart 

Hobrechtstraße 47, 12047 Berlin


The Radio Show

In a western society which is dominated by a never ending stream of visual input, and in which ´storytelling´ is being used as a trend word in the world of marketing, we wish to investigate and foster the essence of stories – using the mass medium that has been the oral storytelling format par excellence: radio.  

In collaboration with Colaboradio, as part of the FR-BB, Freies Radio Berlin Brandenburg  (https://fr-bb.org)  community radio project, we launched STORY FOR FOOD The Radio Show in September 2018.

This is a monthly live radio show dedicated to stories. Every month, we broadcast stories from our audio archive and invite guests to share live on the air a story on the theme of the month.

Our wish is to foster oral storytelling and help value stories in society, by promoting the practise of sharing them and the culture of listening to them

---- This month our show is dedicated to "The New Normal" featuring  stories, messages, thoughts, anecdotes, poems and songs related with our #newreality of our current #postlockdown days.

23 June  2020 @20h - 21h

88.4 MHz in Berlin | 90.7 MHz in Potsdam

online listening: https://fr-bb.org/

✿︎✿︎✿︎ This month our radio show participates in the 48 Stunden Neukölln festival together with the Colaboradio team.

For this special show, we will host a live radio reading of the children's book A Little Elephant On The Moon by and with Christina Kyriazidi, featuring also 6 original songs for children. 

♥ 𝙰 𝙻𝚒𝚝𝚝𝚕𝚎 𝙴𝚕𝚎𝚙𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝙾𝚗 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙼𝚘𝚘𝚗 ♥


In a future dystopian world, a little elephant tries to make his way to the moon - where everyone who ever loved with a pure heart goes. After many adventures, he meets children who can change the world, make the earth spin faster and liberate the little elephant from his weight.


20 June  2020 @20h - 21h

live radio 48 Stunden Neukölln

88.4 MHz in Berlin | 90.7 MHz in Potsdam

online listening: https://fr-bb.org/


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