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Our mission is to help value stories in society by promoting the

practice of sharing them and the culture of listening to them.

In the current era of displacement and digital disruption, we often lack grounding and belonging. We need stories to lead us through, to empower us and often to humanize us. Stories are our intangible wealth. They carry a transformative and potentially healing power. Our own stories form part of our personal and cultural identity, while the stories of others can inspire and guide us.


We wish to:


  • foster the concept of an alternative economy based on stories: we aim to create a STORY ECONOMY where people can exchange their story for a selection of goods and services


  • promote story-sharing: encourage people to imagine and share stories, connect with their cultural background, and benefit from the healing power of sharing and listening


  • cultivate oral storytelling

  • stimulate story listening & train our listening skills


  • contribute to the collecting and archiving of undocumented stories


  • save all the stories that otherwise would get lost: build a story audio archive of previously undocumented stories: personal and fictitious

  • create a STORY HOUSE: a physical space where stories are treated as a new kind of currency, providing an example of an alternative economy based on stories

  • focus partly on stories of sensitive groups (Alzheimer, blind, homeless, refugee, children, elderly people) in an attempt to foster healing, integration, and inclusiveness

  • organize story installations in different public and private spaces


  • build a story online platform

  • launch a story podcast dedicated to showcasing a selection of stories from our audio archive

  • run live radio shows dedicated to stories and storytelling

  • build a series of story boxes and place them in different neighborhoods around the city, making use of old telephone cabins


  • organize and deliver storytelling and story-listening workshops to help share the art of storytelling


  • become the platform that permits stories to travel from someone's memory or imagination to someone's. else reflection or creation through events like FOODBACK, SWEETBACK, ARTBACK, MUSICBACK and AROMABACK, where stories are translated into specific food, object, melody, and perfume.

  • create both a virtual and a physical community, and bring people together through their individual stories

  • expand in different parts of the world and to similar initiatives like STORY FOR TAXI, STORY FOR LAUNDRY etc





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