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Open Call

for artists, participants, partners & sponsors

° Artists

For our story events in Berlin, we are looking for: musicians, spoken word communities, storytellers and readers, story game facilitators, listening performances, reading events, storytelling workshops, and artists interested in translating stories into tangible entities (food, objects, drawings etc)


If you are interested to collaborate with STORY FOR FOOD, please contact us with a description of your proposal at

° Participants

Stay tuned for our STORYSHIP calls and join us at one of our events

If you are interested please contact us at

° Partners

We are looking for partners interested in hosting our STORY INSTALLATIONS and/or entering our STORY ECONOMY model.

If you have an establishment in Berlin and wish to become a partner to our STORY ECONOMY please contact us at stories(at)

° Sponsors

If you are interested to become our sponsor, or would like to discuss a partnership with us, please contact us at stories(at) 

Thank you all for your interest! 

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