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STORY FOR FOOD (SFF) opens a call for its first 

STORYSHIP Exchange Program

that will take place in Berlin from 20 January - 20 April 2018


We invite 11 enthusiastic and energetic individuals to become part of the SFF team and help us prepare the POP-UP Donation Campaign (March - April 2018) and organise the first SFF POP UP (May - June 2018) in Berlin.


This is a unique opportunity to become part of an original and inspiring initiative that re-imagines the way we treat our personal and fictional stories. Our vision is to build up an exciting team of 11 passionate young people, who wish to support our mission and get involved creatively with stories of strangers. 

Are you a passionate cook, an inspired fundraiser, an intrigued social media newbie or a good talker? Are you at the same time interested in arts? Do stories matter to you? 

Apply for the STORYSHIP Exchange Program and create a new chapter in your personal and professional story! 

We are looking for:

(1) Chef : (for a total of 70h) 

(2) Fundraisers (for a total of 60h)

(2) PR - Marketing (for a total of 72h)

(6) Story Presenters (for a total of 96h)

As an exchange, we offer to the participants a certificate of work experience, the 25% raised by the donation campaign above the primary goal, and free participation to our special GRANDMA STORIES Workshop. The workshop is a chance to create an art ensemble with the possibility of a performance, based on the dramatisation of different grandmother stories from our audio archive.  



Application period : 10.11 - 20.12.2017

Selection period and interviews : 20.12.2017 - 15.01.2018

STORYSHIP : 20 January - 20 April 2018 

In order to apply, please fill in and send the application form below, together with a motivation letter, to 

 >> download the Application Form here


“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” 

- Philip Pullman


STORY FOR FOOD (SFF) proposes a model for an alternative economy based on stories. We tour Berlin to record undocumented stories, stories that otherwise would be lost. We organise story installations, storytelling workshops and a series of events, where a selection of stories are translated into food, music and art objects.


In the current era of displacement and digital disruption, we often lack grounding and belonging. We need stories to lead us through, to empower us and often to humanise us. Stories are our intangible wealth. They carry a transformative and potentially healing power. Our own stories form part of our personal and cultural identity, while the stories of others can inspire and guide us.


SFF aspires to address our need for stories: encourage story-sharing, train our listening skills and contribute to the collecting and archiving of undocumented stories. Concretely, SFF will be a story-house: a unique coffee shop in Europe where you can trade your story for food and drinks. The stories will be recorded to help enable the cafe shop to become an audio archive for anyone interested in accessing the stories for educational and research purposes or just for artistic inspiration.

Our mission is to foster oral storytelling and help value stories in society, by promoting the practise of sharing them and the culture of listening to them.


Profile and Responsibilities 


Profile:  a chef in the early stages of their career or an enthusiast cook, intrigued to embark into a culinary adventure 

Responsibilities: organise 4 FOODBACK dinner-events, for 25 people each. Every dinner will include a menu of 3 stories translated into food. 

Flexible work schedule for a total of 70h




Profile:  enthusiasts from disciplines or studies related to the fields of public relations; communication and media studies; journalism; politics; humanities; social sciences; art management

fluent in English and German


  • Research prospective donors and sponsors

  • Create a strong fundraising message that appeals to potential donors and sponsors 

  • Organise the SFF POP-UP Donation Campaign (March - April 2018) that will lead to soliciting donations through our website (primary goal 5.000 euro)

  • Identify and contact potential sponsors

  • Find the main food/drink sponsor of the SFF Pop-Up

  • Maintain records of donor/sponsor information for future use

Flexible work schedule for a total of 60h

(5h/week = 20h/month = 60h/storyship)

PR - Marketing  


Profile:  enthusiasts from disciplines or studies related to the fields of public relations; communication and media studies; creative writing; marketing; journalism; politics; social sciences; humanities; art management; business administration 

fluent in English and German




  • Design and launch the POP-UP Donation Campaign (primary goal 5000 euro) 

  • Create marketing and promotional materials, both print and electronic

  • Promote SFF concept and services through public relations initiatives

  • Create and deliver press releases, media relations content, newsletter content and social media content



Flexible work schedule for a total of 72h 

(6h/week = 24h/month = 72h/storyship)


Story Presenters 

Profile: passionate individuals with very good communications skills 

fluent in English and German, any additional language is a plus



  • assist Story Recording & Story Listening tours : cafés and flea markets 

  • Story Listening Installation : info team 



2 times per week x 4h = 32h/month = total 96h


What we offer 

The participants will get a certificate of work experience, the 25% raised by the donation campaign above the primary goal (5.000 euro), and free participation to our special 




29.01 - 16.04.2018

3h per week x 12 meetings


Mi: 19 -22h Theater Haus Berlin Mitte  / Wallstraße 32 / 10179 Berlin


In the first SFF year, while touring Berlin to record undocumented stories, we noticed that a lot of people are eager to share stories related to their grandmothers. 

Thus, this workshop is an homage to our grandmother stories.

It includes theatre training (body and voice), character research, storytelling and story-listening techniques, and aspires to build an art ensemble that will work on the dramatisation of different grandmother stories from our audio archive. 

Every participant will create the way they wish to (theatre and video material, music, expressive dance etc) 

We wish to offer the participants the opportunity to explore their artistic inclinations, acknowledge the importance of sharing and group work, and eventually, experience the transformative power of stories.

The workshop is led by Christina Kyriazidi, Berlin-based playwright, director and actress, as well as founder of the L A B (Laboratory Actors Berlin) and STORY FOR FOOD initiatives. Christina was formed as an actress and playwright in Greece and the UK (University of Exeter). She has worked, as an actress and dramaturge, in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, Argentina and Brazil. 

In 2010, she founded in Berlin the international theatre group “Marinaio Teatro” and a year later, the itinerant theatre festival “KNOTS: Exchange Meeting of Theatre Groups” with editions so far in Berlin, Buenos Aires, La Paz and São Paolo. 

She has given workshops as a theatre educator for adolescents in Germany, Argentina and Brazil, and in 2013, she founded in Berlin, the L A B (Laboratory Actors Berlin), a platform of training, research and creation for young actors.  As a playwright, she was awarded by the “Greek National Union of Writers” for her play “AUTUMN MEETING” (2002), while her play “FOREST UNDER THE SEA” (2013) was produced by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture in 2015, and toured in Brazil in 2016, through the award of “FUNARTE”. Her play “The Mutes” was selected as one of the 4 European plays on the theme of the European Crisis, for the “PIIGS Festival 2016 - Dramaturgia Sobre la Crisi” and published in Catalan by the above festival. Her plays have been produced so far, in Greece, Germany, Brazil and Spain. // 

Thank you for your applications.

Our call is now closed.

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