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"I often wonder what happens to the stories of our childhood, to our grandmother’s tales and the myths of our culture. What happens to our love stories and the memories of our youth.

I ask myself if stories have a life of their own, if they can travel through different bodies, if they can change people’s lives."

 - Christina Kyriazidi (Founder)

keeping stories alive

We are telling stories or listen to them all the time. Not only by watching movies or listening to podcasts

but also by talking to our friends, colleagues, and neighbors, sometimes even to strangers. These stories are worth to be collected and remembered, don't you think?

So: Let’s give it a try!

the recording

The STORY FOR FOOD initiative collects undocumented stories, stories that otherwise would get lost. Everybody is welcome to come and share a story — on any theme, any language, and any length. We record the stories, label them with matching tags, and include them in our audio archive anonymously. 

the listening

People can come to our installations and listen to recorded stories by people from all over the world. Grab some headphones, have a look at the catalog, choose an interesting story and start listening!

the location

We tour Berlin with our story installation. We find ourselves at flea markets, festivals, cafés, cinemas, bookshops, and theatres around the city. Everyone who shares a story there gets a little "thank you" like chocolate, coffee or a reduced ticket.

>> find the dates and locations of our story installations here


the events

We also run special events: FOODBACK, SWEETBACK, ARTBACK, MUSICBACK, and SONGBACK, where selected stories are translated into specific food, art objects, melodies, and songs.

the mission

We aspire to promote oral storytelling and collect undocumented tales, and anecdotes that otherwise would be lost. Our mission is to help value stories in society by promoting the practice of sharing them and the culture of listening to them.

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