Do you want to be part of our audio archive but you don't live in Berlin or cannot make it to our story recording sessions?

Do you have an inspiring story that you would like us to broadcast in our live radio shows or include in our podcasts series? 

Email to us your story as an audio file in wav, mp3 or aac format at the address 

Any story, in any language and theme is welcome as long as it was previously undocumented.


Our audio archive only includes stories that otherwise would get lost


We look forward to your story!


Thank you :))

OPEN CALL🎙 In times of the #Coronavirus Crisis, we particularly encourage our community to send us Stories of Isolation and Connection, inspiring narratives or funny anecdotes that may bring a positive note into the difficult period we are all passing through. 

We will share them on our online story audio archive anonymously for everyone to listen, we will include them in our radio shows and when the crisis is over, we will organise a #StoryFestival with all these stories. 


Thank you!

#StayHealthy #ListenToStories 


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