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Why support STORY FOR FOOD?


We work to value stories in society. When you support us, you help us record, share and archive all the stories that otherwise would get lost. You help us foster oral storytelling, promote audio narratives and cultivate the culture of listening. Even more, you help us work towards the vision of STORY ECONOMY in the city of Berlin and eventually worldwide.

You can find more about our mission here

Since all our activities are currently self-financed, your support helps us to become sustainable.

We sincerely thank you!

There are three main ways of supporting STORY FOR FOOD:

  • Become a monthly Donor

Bank account:



IBAN: DEE10 1001 0010 0621 9821 23

  • Make a one-off donation via PAYPAL




  • Become a Sponsor

Should you be interested to become our sponsor and/or have any specific questions regarding donations and partnership opportunities you can contact us directly by email at and include the subject SUPPORT SFF. We will be happy to discuss your specific ideas and needs.

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