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Do you have a story to share with us?

We are currently collaborating with existing establishments, where our STORY INSTALLATION is waiting for you. Come by to record your story!

The story can be true or fictitious — or a mix of both. Any story, language, theme and duration is welcome, provided that it’s previously undocumented. 


When we audio record your story, it becomes part of our story audio archive, where the stories are displayed anonymously and with matching tags. In exchange for sharing your story with us we will provide you with a symbolic “thank you” in various forms.


Don’t feel like sharing but still curious?

Our STORY INSTALLATION offers the option to listen to stories of strangers as well. A story catalogue with the matching tags, language and description of each story will help you in choosing one that matches your mood. 

Put on the headphones, choose a story and enjoy!



When you record your story to the STORY FOR FOOD audio archive, you sign the following agreement. Under this agreement, STORY FOR FOOD reserves all the rights related to the recording of the above story. STORY FOR FOOD will use the recording of your story for its story-archive (both physical and online) and make it available for anyone interested in listening to it. By signing this agreement you allow the above described use. Regarding the described use, your claims are restricted to the ones mentioned in the following. In the event that the story is purchased and used for any commercial reason by a third party, other than STORY FOR FOOD, then a royalty of XXXX is payable. 50% of the royalty shall be paid to the owner of the story and 50% to the initiative STORY FOR FOOD.  The storyteller retains intellectual ownership and copyright of the story, and the use of the story for any commercial purpose by a third party, other than STORY FOR FOOD, requires the owner’s express consent and written approval.

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