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This September, STORY FOR FOOD celebrates its 3rd birthday!

This initiative was founded by playwright and actress Christina Kyriazidi and is devoted to the collection and archiving of stories. Whether it’s a memory of a grandparent, a humorous exchange or an anecdote about a long lost friend, the tales that have been garnered to date are personal and provide an insight into the lives, thoughts and memories of others.

To celebrate 3 years of the Story for Food project and 1 year of our radio show on the
Colaboradio - Berlin Brandenburg Freies Radio, we are hosting a 3-day event and opening our archive to share the stories as told to us. The collection that will be exhibited includes recordings from our archives, a selection of our past radio shows and artworks that were created as part of our ARTBACK series, where stories were transformed into music, photography, illustrations and performance art.


5-7 September 2019 @19-22h

Das Giftraum @ Das Gift
Donaustrasse 119
12043 Berlin

Come listen in and hear some of the tales and anecdotes that have been told to us and saved over the years.


This event will have 4 components:

STORY INSTALLATION |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Sound installation with a selection of stories from the SFF Audio Archive and interviews from our radio show

BODY INSTALLATION |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

by Jovana Stojanović


INTERNAL MILIEU is an interactive, long-duration performance inspired by a lack of reaction on urgencies in our environment. Story that is going to be born in the glass box.

If Now is in the box and you are out of the box, aren't you just in another box? Would you like to be in the same box as Now?

Is it your comfort zone really comfortable? If it is - how long it will last before you find yourself uncomfortable next to Now? Now is urgent, aren't you? Would you rather take responsibility or action? Now is waiting and passing, Now is sweating in our apathetic comfort but surviving for Now. It's our Internal Milieu.

Are you ready to confront with Now - the main character of the performance? Because you are story while story is creating itself!

A R T B A C K |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


with illustrations by Gosha Zmyslowska

Gosha transformed a selection of stories from our audio archive into illustrations. 

The emotions of each story are translated into material for a “telling to touching” experience: from the intangible of a narrative to the tangible of an object.

A chance to “touch a story”.

All selected stories will be available for listening.

M U S I C B A C K |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


By Louis DeCicco

The Italian music composer Louis DeCicco, has transformed 7 stories into melodies. The sensations and experiences of every story are translated into music for a “telling to feeling” experience: from the concrete form of a narrative to the unformed feeling of music. A chance to “listen to your story”


                                                                                                  ______ free entrance

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