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The Story Economy : STORY FOR #


Our dream is to create a STORY ECONOMY where people can exchange their stories for a selection of goods and services. 

STORY FOR # an alternative economy based on stories is a concept based on the personal and social value and the potential healing power of stories. It aspires to use stories as a parallel intangible currency for a selection of goods and services.


Imagine a physical place where money has no value, where the currency is your stories, experiences and imaginations. A micro universe where stories are as valuable as money is in the outside world. Imagine different establishments in your city that accept stories instead of money. Imagine structures where people can barter their stories for food or for different services like laundry, taxi, ticket etc (STORY FOR FOOD, STORY FOR LAUNDRY, STORY FOR TAXI, STORY FOR TICKET initiatives etc)


With this concept, we aspire to help value stories in society by encouraging the practise of sharing them and foster the culture of listening to them. We wish to encourage people to imagine and share stories, connect with their cultural background and benefit from the healing power of sharing and listening. We hope to foster the culture of oral storytelling, contribute to the collecting and archiving of traditional, personal and fictional stories and eventually change people’s connection to money. 


We will implement our STORY ECONOMY MODEL for the first time in Berlin, during our Crowdfunding Campaign (June 2018), in partnership with a dozen establishments around the city. 





Berlin Spoken Word



Das Kapital

Das YogaCafé

Frollein Langner



Oak & Ice

Rises Delicacies

Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

The Circus hostel

Unser Cafe

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