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The Story House 

Our vision for STORY FOR FOOD is to become a story-house: a unique coffee shop in Europe where you can trade your story for food and drinks. The STORY HOUSE aspires to become a physical space where stories are treated as a new kind of currency, providing an example for an alternative economy based on stories.


Moreover, it will be the home of our story archive, and it will host a series of story sharing events: from our special FOODBACK, ARTBACK, MUSICBACK and SONGBACK events to open mic sessions, story readings, storytelling workshops, listening performances, story games, story quiz nights and acoustic cinema.


Consequently, the Story House will work as a story hub: a place that connects story enthusiasts with artists, tellers with listeners – bringing together people of various backgrounds and experiences. 

The Berlin STORY HOUSE will be the first in a series of pop-up-story-houses around Europe.



“The shortest distance between two people is a story.”  ― Patti High

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